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The Music Geek Track Of The Week: “In Your Light”

by on January 27, 2012


I currently live in Chicago, so a fifteen-minute walk outside, according to top scientists, is similar to being bitch-slapped by a throng of Siberian gypsies. Walking to CVS for Craisins and Nivea (For Men!!) shouldn’t be a life-threatening ordeal, and yet, I almost always end up looking like a Titanic survivor by the time I get to the topical analgesics aisle.

Not today, though! Don’t get me wrong, it was fucking freezing, but I had “In Your Light” by Gotye playing on repeat, and when I closed my eyes it almost felt as though, for once, I wasn’t being buried alive in permafrost.

Here are some reasons you might want to play this song in the blistering cold:

1. Gotye — aka Wally De Baker — is based out of Melbourne where he is currently enjoying a very hot summer (that bastard).

2. The lyrical focus could be very easily interpreted as an ode to the sun or the warmth of a lover –- “In your light just when I’m in your light/And I won’t get by if you take that light away.”

3. The production is ebulliently bright and optimistic. Like, Phil-Collins-Tarzan-soundtrack optimistic. Come to think of it, I distinctly remember feeling as happy as the intro scene of a Disney movie –I did get some pretty weird looks. I think I might have even given the homeless guy outside of CVS a thumbs up.

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