Pop My Culture #63: Jim Rash

Jim Rash (Dean Pelton from Community and co-writer of The Descendants) joins Cole and Vanessa for their first podcast of 2012! They chat about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, shortstop-playing chimpanzees, controlling the world’s bees, Sky High, the Golden Globes, Nicholas Sparks flicks, The Enabler, practical jokester George Clooney, Cybill, terrible auditions, saving Community, Fincher family members, twisted Barbershop Quartets, Guess Who?, and Jim’s hilariously stressful day on Spielberg’s Minority Report.

Leave your answer to the Firsts question (The first TV show you can remember being upset that it went off the air) on our website for a chance to win a Community Season 2 DVD signed by Jim!

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  • I may have misunderstood the question. That was the first one that came to mind because it was so recent, not the first one that I was upset about the cancellation. The furthest back I can remember being upset at the untimely end of a show was Arrested Development. Trite, I know, but the truth.

  • OH FUCK. Bored to Death was cancelled? I guess it would make sense if Community was the next to go, while Ashton makes a million per every 21 minutes to make gay jokes about Jon Cryer. What a fucked up country I live in.

  • Oh, also, a couple other cancelled shows I loved

    Dresden Files on SciFi back when it was SciFi
    Party Down on Starz
    Gravity on Starz

    These are ones I was really saddened about when I heard they were cancelled.

  • The first cancelled TV show I can remember being (mildly) upset over was Fox’s “The Good Guys”. It was such a fun, well written, quirky show, and Bradley Whitford was hilarious. It should have been given more time to grow an audience.

  • This will make me seem old–’cause I am–but I remember watching this really cool show back in the early 80s called “Square Pegs.” I was too young to get most of it, but I loved the look and fell of the show. Like “Community” I think it was too cool for its own good, and was cancelled after something like two seasons. I was really disappointed by that. Not glee-club-shut-down-by-ASCAP disappointed, but pretty bummed out anyway.

  • Lots of shows have been cancelled and you feel like, “Oh. I really liked Enterprise and now I’m truly bummed.” But cliché or not, the WAY to early loss of Firefly was just wrong and soul crushing.

  • I will forever remember (and re-enact) my favorite Jim Rash line ever, from an episode of Reno 911…

    *puts hand on chest in an exasperated, fay motion*
    I said, “My god…I’m makin’ love in juice!”

  • While the most correct answer in my case would probably be one of any number of cartoons I can’t even remember any more, I’m going to say Get A Life.

  • Oddly enough, I didn’t really get upset about a show going off the air until “Drive” — cancelling it 10 days after the first episode aired seemed personally insulting.

  • I could say Firefly, but technically that was retroactive upset-ness since I didn’t watch the show until a few months before Serenity came out.

    The first show I remember being really bummed about being cancelled too soon was the USA show The 4400 which was axed in large part because of the writer’s strike and ended on a GIANT cliffhanger. Not that I’m still bitter or anything.

  • not nessarily the news

    they did a spoof on the typical medication commercials, that kinda went like this:

    Do you suffer from sever headaches?
    Do you have back aches at the end fo the day?
    Do you feel nausaus when driving?
    Have you experienced pain in your joints?


  • Startrek TNG. It was something I watched with my mom and then she died in season 5. When it ended it was just another thing she and I had that was gone. But on the flipside, when I went to see the finale playing on the jumbotron in Toronto’s Skydome, I did wind up kissing the woman who became the woman who became the mother of my kids for the first time.

  • I’m going to go with Glory Days. It was on the CW (back when it was the WB). It had Eddie Cahill, Poppy Montgomery, a really badass opening, and a creepy mystery. It felt very Stephen King-esque, and definitely freaked me out more than once. However it only lasted about 9 episodes. I was a very sad 15 year old.

  • “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.” I was just old enough (12) to really finally “get” TV shows, rather than just watch them, and that show had everything for me. Plus, I think that it was one of those shows (mixing Western and futuristic themes) that made things like “Firefly” possible later on.

    My second choice would probably be “Dinosaurs” (make of that what you will).

  • Pushing daisies. That was a great show. Damn i didnt know bored to death got cancelled. My favorite joke on this was saying that two princes is about a womans right to choose.

  • I don’t remember which of these came first, but these 3 shows I was pissed when they canceled.

    Get Smart (90s version) – Fox
    Mantis – Fox
    Promised Land – CBS