LEGO Lord of the Rings Images Released

I haven’t been this excited since… probably like yesterday. I’m an excitable person. Anyway, LEGO has released images of their upcoming Lord of the Rings playset line coming this summer (which will also coincide with a video game release, for which I’m even MORE excited).

As you can see below, there are LEGO representations of all nine members of the fellowship as well as several baddies. Playsets will start being released in June with ones based on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey dropping this December.

Some of the cooler sounding sets will include: The Battle of Weathertop, The Mines of Moria, and, my personal favorite, the Battle of Helm’s Deep. I have neither the money nor the space for all these, but an adult male can dream, can’t he? Keep an eye on LEGO’s official LOTR site for descriptions when they become available.

The Fellowship

The Bad Guys

-Kanderson’s childlike glee about this can only be matched by the glee he gets when people follow him on TWITTER

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