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If You Gotta Kill Zombies, Get The Right Tool For The Job

by on January 3, 2012

Thanks to Joerg Sprave at the Slingshot Channel, we now have the ideal weapon for Jonah Ray to wield in the case of the inevitable zombie attack, a combination slingshot and zombie hammer:

If zombies are coming at you, you’ll be glad to have this at hand. There’s a spike AND a steel ball smasher on one end, and a slingshot on the other. And it even has a skull ejector lever so you can free it up from the zombie you just skewered (which malfunctioned in the test, but, hey, no big deal, easy to fix). The various melons and pieces of Ikea furniture used in the tests stand no chance against the power of that thing.

Every home should have one.

HT: BoingBoing