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Got Apocalypse Questions? The Doctor Is IN

by on January 13, 2012

Will the world really end on December 21 –just 3 shopping days before Christmas?

How do I keep my family safe – and my 2nd, secret family?

Where can I buy insurance for “Acts of Zuul?”

Get all your end-times questions answered right here on Nerdist by DR. APOCALYPSE — the last word on the last days.

Send your questions to [email protected]….BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!



Dr. Apocalypse*, aka Rob Kutner, is a writer for CONAN and the author of APOCALYPSE HOW: TURN THE END-TIMES INTO THE BEST OF TIMES and the new e-book, THE FUTURE ACCORDING TO ME.

Follow Rob on Twitter: @ApocalypseHow.


* Technically, it’s only “Mr. Apocalypse” until he turns in THAT F*CKING DISSERTATION. But he can still teach.