Benny the Jukebox’s ’90s Megamix

Our own Chris Hardwick is a melodica player of some note, but can he play a medley of club and Europop hits of the ’90s in one neatly segued medley like this guy? Hear Benny the Jukebox play C&C Music Factory, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Eiffel 65, “Barbie Girl,” the Macarena, “Baby Got Back,” “We Like to Party,” Ace of Base, and many more you may or may not remember or like, closing with that stadium anthem by Zombie Nation, “Kernkraft 400.”

And, hey, he’s been on the Nerdist Podcast. He’s Benny from Axis of Awesome. He says he can play any requests and challenges, because if he’s heard it, he claims, he can play it: try him at

Now, I’ll just go off and try to scrub “Cotton Eye Joe” out of my mind.

HT: Reddit

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