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Be A Part Of The Sanrio Documentary

by on January 13, 2012

Okay, let’s see exactly who we have here in the Nerdist community, shall we? Trina Calderon, supervising producer on the Nerdist TV specials and Web Soup, is working on a documentary with Exit Through the Gift Shop producer Roger Gastman and she wants to find people to appear in it, and, well, maybe it’s you or someone you know.

So… Sanrio. You know, the Hello Kitty empire. You’re aware of Sanrio, right? Are you… shall we say… into Sanrio? Are you a fan?  Were you all about the Kitty when you were a kid?  Are you still?  Or do you know someone else who’s obsessed with a Sanrio character? Do you have any Sanrio stories that would make a good segment in a Sanrio documentary? We’re not talking merely walking around with a Chococat backpack or an “ironic” (sure it is) My Melody t-shirt. We’re talking visible tattoos, pilgrimages to Harmonyland, Hello Kitty shrines in your house with candles, stuff that establishes Super Fandom. Or maybe you were traumatized by Hello Kitty and have the therapy bills to prove it. Good or bad, the movie may just need you or someone you know.

If you think you might have what they’re looking for, drop ‘em a line at [email protected]. Oh, and the cat says hello.