The “Mahna Mahna….” Conspiracy

Ever since I saw The Muppets a few weeks ago I’ve been completely unable to get the “Mahna Mahna” song out of my head. It plays on a continual loop in my brain. It’s a perfect song! It could go on forever if you wanted. The words are so easy to remember; really all you need is “Mahna” and “Doot.” But this was not always the case. Get ready to have your little minds blown.

Most people know the song from its different appearances on The Muppet Show in the 70s. These would look something like this:


We’re all familiar with it. It’s like an old friend. But when the bit first premiered in a 1969 episode of Sesame Street, the lyrics were severely different. Viz:


W…T…FUCK! It’s like learning Pluto isn’t really a planet or finding out the Beatles used to dress like greasers. The original lyrics were not “Doot doo doo doot” as we’ve all grown accustomed but were in fact “Ba tee ba tee pee.” I for one am shocked, SHOCKED I say. It’s like my whole life has been a lie. Well, not my whole life, but like a tiny bit of it. The part that is confident in song lyrics.

Guess you can’t go home again. But seriously, I love this song. The Muppets kick so much ass.

(Editor’s note: Oh, Kyle, there is SO much more… “Mah Na Mah Na” has a rich and varied history far beyond that of which you are aware. Meet Piero Umiliani, and “Viva la Sauna Svedese” (yes, “Long Live the Swedish Sauna,” music accompanying said activity in a scene in the Mondo movie Sweden, Heaven and Hell), which you now know as… yeah)

No…That’s not true… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!
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