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It’s me! Chris Hardwick! I’m currently in London on the ever-beloved David Tennant Interview Eve. Tomorrow we’ll be chatting it up but I know that so many of you who may not be planning to sit down with him soon might still have questions! Or comments! Or QUEMMENTS. See? He’s so awesome his name RHYMES with quemment!

Anyhows, there’s a thread here. Post your quemments! I’ll pluck some out of the word garden and offer them to the Scottish Mr. T like a fanciful bouquet. I can’t guarantee I’ll ask all of them. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and NOT guarantee that.

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  • Hi Chris – love the podcast: I’ve got a couple:

    1) Ask him to do the podcast – a full hour with just him :)
    2) I’d love to know who some of his favorite bands are…

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck with the interview!

  • I saw on your interview on Top Gear a few years back that you did some Shakespearean acting before the Doctor (or after, excuse me if I get that wrong) and was wondering if you prefer Shakespearean acting to “normal” acting. Meaning; does the language flow better for you in Shakespearean English or everyday English?

    Thank you for taking our quemments Chris! See you in San Francisco!

  • Hey David, what are your thoughts of going on an American tour to meet all your fans across the pond who weren’t able to go to comic con? What’s a role you’ve always wanted to get, besides the Doctor, of course?

  • So for the comment part. I really enjoyed your run on Dr. Who and needless to say you’re the first Doctor I watched till I went back. Also, I still point out your part in Harry Potter to people who didn’t realize. My question is what is your next project? My friends got tickets to your show with Catherine and I’m jealous I couldn’t go. Is there anything for us unfortunate to travel we can see you in? Other then the Nerdist special. Happy holidays!

  • If you had your pick of character/story to be a part of, either a television show, play, or movie, what would it be and why? This can be either a new project, an existing one or a reboot.

  • How nerdy (see what I did there?) have you been about Doctor Who during these fifth and sixth series? Has there been a particular moment that made your fanboy-self squee?

  • Do you feel like playing the Doctor has left you typecasted? Also, you are such a British icon now; what does it feel like when you come to the states and normal Americans don’t recognize you?

  • How on earth do you get your hair like that? I’ve tried to cosplay as your Doctor, but I can’t get the hair. I’m also curious how you feel about how Matt Smith has been doing as the new Doctor. Finally, you’re the coolest, thank you for living, good bye.

  • I am so excited for this interview. Oh my goodness I am fangirling so much right now. ANYWAY. for some questions :)
    1) What was the first acting job you ever got?
    2) What is the first album you ever bought?
    3) What is the hardest thing about being an actor?
    4) If you could go one place in the world that you haven’t been, where would it be, and why?

  • Hey big C love the show.

    I’ve always wondered how he felt being the doctor affected his acting. Not just career wise but also in terms of how he now approaches new roles.

    Thanks again for the show Chris, All the best!

  • 1) Is there any situation in which you’d take up the role of the Doctor again, even for a one-off episode or a cameo?

    2) If you were stuck playing a past character (anything from Hamlet to the Doctor to Barty Crouch Jr. to ???), which would you NOT want to be stuck with?

  • Could you ask him about his run with Catherine Tate in Much Ado about Nothing this past summer on the West End? I’m sure it was a ton of fun because they seem to have such fun together, but I’d like to hear him talk about how doing Shakespeare with her was different than their previous projects. Thanks!

  • Dear Mr. Tennant,
    Obviously, Dr. Who was a dream come true (Unintentional Seuss moment). Are there any other established properties (epic sci-fi or otherwise) which you would love the opportunity to contribute to?

  • Hellow David and Chris.

    Just a quick question.
    Which style of dialog was more difficult to prepare for and preform? Shakespearan old English or the Doctor’s technobabble?

    Thanks: David, You will always be my doctor.
    And Chris you will always be my Nerdist.

  • -How aware is he of the multitude of obsession that the internet has with him? Does he spend time browsing the endless fuckyeahdavidtennant tumblrs or does he just generally ignore it all?
    -I know he had always dreamed of playing the doctor; now that he has, what character would he love to play above all others?
    -What is something he would walk 500 miles, and then walk 500 more for?

    Have fun with Tennant! I’m sure we’ll be able to hear your squees from the West Coast. If not, we’re squeeing for you ;)

  • My wife and I are big fans that enjoy what you do from Who to Hamlet to Fright Night. Is there anything else in American media you,ll be appearing in like a Fright Night 2 or something in television we can support you in?
    Sincerely JD

    P.S. small fanboy moment. If you could wish my wife Stephanie a Merry Christmas, it would be like most people hearing it from the Beatles in her eyes.

  • Thank you for a spectacular performance as Doctor Who.

    You have also performed Shakespeare, as Casanova, been Barty Crouch and Brendan Block. So I have two questions:

    First, have you performed your personal “dream character” yet, and what would that have been, and why?

    Second.As an actor, what do you see as the toughest challenge you ever face going into a role.

  • he’s by far my favorite Doctor and i absolutely adore him. who was his favorite companion of Rose, Martha & Donna? :) oh and you can’t forget about Capt. Jack Harkness <3

  • Would you be willing to get out of my dreams?
    I’m a straight male and I really don’t appreciate your intrusion. Maybe you could go spend some time in Billie Piper’s head instead.

  • David, have you seen the Whovian response to the 500 Miles video? Is Sue from Catering as awesome as she seems? Also, will you let Chris ruffle your hair on behalf of all the fangirls? Thank you!

  • (First I just wanted to say that you are my favorite actor, and I am your biggest fan.) Anyway, who was your celebrity crush growing up? Have you met them since then?

  • 1. Please, please, please, please do the full podcast. Please.
    2. Excluding Doctor Who, if you could be part of any sci-fi or comic-based franchise (such as Star Wars or The X-Men), which would it be and why?

    Also, “Recovery” made me weep like a baby in the best possible way. Thank you.

  • Fandom had a field day with “The Doctor’s Daugher has had the Doctor’s daughter.” I was wondering if David finds the whole situation as amazing and amusing as we fans do.

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