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Farewell, Amy and Rory!

by on December 15, 2011

Sad (or happy, depending on your tastes) news from the Doctor Who world today: It looks like the Eleventh Doctor will be bidding goodbye to the Ponds sometime during the next series, Metro and The Guardian report. At the press screening in London of the next Christmas special, “The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe,” Showrunner and evil genius Steven Moffat stated, “The final days for the Ponds will be coming during the next series. Then the Doctor will meet a new friend.” He also said that their story would end “heartbreakingly.”

As a result of this news, the fan base, shockingly, has begun to overreact. (What? We never do that) Some people are probably saying “good riddance” and others are going to never watch the show again. You can’t please everybody all the time, but rotating the characters is what the show was founded on. The beauty about the show is that it’s always changing. Characters come and go at a staggering pace; that Rory and Amy have stuck around this long is a feat in and of itself. Rose only got two series, Martha and Donna only got one each, and even though they were around to be guest star again (in rather shitty episodes, it has to be said) a lot of fans felt the loss. Even in the classic series, most companions only lasted 2-3 years.

Yes, it will be sad to see them go, and knowing Moffat, there’s going to be some tears when the “heartbreaking” end does occur, but Doctor Who is like a river (no pun intended) that’s forever moving. There are people who still resent the fact that the Tenth Doctor regenerated because the show isn’t the same anymore, but then we wouldn’t have the Eleventh. That the news of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill’s departure is being met with such a gut reaction is only testament to the fact that the show and its characters still manage to touch people and their trials and struggles affect them. But we can’t expect everything to stay as-is forever. Just think of this as a test run for one or (hopefully) two years from now when Matt Smith gets ready to leave. Sad or happy, for the show to continue, it has to keep regenerating.

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(Editor’s Note: Here’s a radio interview Karen Gillan gave to the ABC in Australia on Thursday. She doesn’t indicate anything about the news….)