Another Sample of “The Nerdist: Year in Review”: Favorite “Doctor Who” Moments

Surprise! Here’s a second sneak preview of The Nerdist: Year in Review. In this one, Chris, Jonah, Matt, Kumail, and Wil offer their favorite Doctor Who moments from this year. Feel free to weigh in with your own in the comments.

And, of course, remember, watch the special, December 24th, 9/8c, BBC America.

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  • I loved the beginning of the finale. Dickon’s on the Today Show and the sign in the park: “Pterodactyls are vermin!” So classic and over the top, brilliance.

  • I have to say, at the end of “The Big Bang” when you see The Doctor’s timeline unraveling, and then you see him holding Amy’s hands in “Flesh and Stone” and you realize that there were two Doctors in the same place. I loved that.

  • For me it is the Doctor’s verbal one-upmanship on House in The Doctor’s Wife.

    House: ‘Fear me, I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.’
    The Doctor: ‘Fear me, I’ve killed them all.’

  • One of my favorite moments from this season was the beginning of “Day of the Moon” where Delaware is seen hunting down Amy, Rory, and River, takes them into the Doctor’s prison, and then uncloaks the TARDIS. Classic Doctor Who reveal.
    One of the creepiest moments was when they would look down to see their palms blinking from the nanorecorder. Sent shivers down my spine!

  • One moment?? Wow!

    Such a tough decision but I think it has to be the scene at the end of “The Marriage of River Song” when River, Amy and Rory are out in the garden.
    Rory: River, are you sure?
    River: Of course I’m sure, I’m his wife.
    Amy: *happy* and I’m his…..*shock and stun* mother-in-law…


  • “A Good Man Goes to War” had so many great moments: the great build of this army of soldiers and the Headless Monks preparing to face the Doctor, only to be disarmed when he reveals himself as a Monk in disguise; the team of the Doctor’s allies fighting tooth and nail to find the lost child; Amy & Rory’s baby was actually made of the “Flesh” and the real one is — Spoilers — Melody Pond, aka River Song. There were more, but just go and watch this one. Now.

  • I have to agree with JellyBellyWrench on the comment The Doctor says.

    I also agree with Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira and Kumail Nanjiani that this seasons enemy “The Silence” is great all around.

    I also really enjoyed the Christmas Eps with Katherine Jenkins singing. She has just an Amazing voice and because of Doctor Who I was able to find this wonderful singer and she now has a place in my Ipod playlists.

    I guess I couldn’t just pick one but these 3 are just a small sample of the list in my head as to this mind blowing season!!

  • Anyone else think that preview on the youtube vid has Big C looking an awful lot like Giorgio from Ancient Aliens?

    Look, I’m not saying it was The Doctor, but it was definitely The Doctor.