Reminder: Tickets On Sale Now For Nerdist Podcast Live in a Whole Buncha Cities

Did you get them? The tickets, that is. To the Nerdist Podcast Live tour stops coming up in 2012. The ones we announced the other day. You know, in…

Boulder, Colorado! March 2nd at the Boulder Theater

Austin, Texas! March 3rd for two shows at Stateside at the Paramount

Philadelphia! March 23rd at the Trocadero

Atlanta! March 24th at the Variety Playhouse

Minneapolis-St. Paul! March 30th at the Varsity Theater

Madison, Wisconsin! April 12th at the Majestic Theatre

Chicago! April 13th at The Vic Theatre

Iowa City! April 14th at the Englert Theatre

What? You didn’t? They’re on sale right now, you know. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Your mission is to click on the appropriate links below to purchase your tickets (and tell others to do the same), then, on the assigned date, report to the proper venue to be treated to standup comedy from Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira, plus a taping of the Nerdist Podcast right before your very eyes and ears. Do we understand each other? Good. Here are the links for tickets:

Click here for Boulder
Click here for Austin – 7 pm show
Click here for Austin – 10 pm show
Click here for Philadelphia
Click here for Atlanta
Click here for Minneapolis
Click here for Madison
Click here for Chicago
Click here for Iowa City

So go buy them now. Let’s sell ‘em out.

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