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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Damn Your Eyes”

by on November 18, 2011

Let’s face it, it’s been a rough week. The recent Penn State and now Syracuse ugliness has sunk a few hearts. Not to mention the whole Zuccotti Park debacle, and even Community, our nerd-heaven, pulled the short straw (for now) Monday… and my cat has a cold.

I’d like to believe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde next week, thus throwing off all things that are good. But since I know nothing about astrology and therefore don’t trust it, sticking to musical therapy might be the best course of action. Sometimes you gotta listen to some blues to feel better. And since America seems to be failing us this week, I thought Alex Clare, the UK’s redhead with the most soul, would do the trick.

With a pinch of dubstep, and very minimal instrumentation, Clare’s cover of Etta James’ “Damn Your Eyes” gives some edge to the ballad. Do I dare call him the white John Legend? Clare’s music highlights his silky-smooth vocals, yet hones in on its rare quality of surprise. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell where the music’s heading, but be damned if it’s anywhere other than ear-paradise (I like to picture my ear laying in the hammock on the beach with a milkshake).

I urge you to listen to the rest of his album, The Lateness of the Hour, as each song is spectacular (and not necessarily depressing — he sings about chicken wings in one song). So let’s keep our heads up and Mercury out of retrograde (can one do that?)

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