Best Sitcom Performance In Television History, or The Value of Underacting

You don’t have to watch the entire episode of King of Queens above to see Patton Oswalt give the performance of his life. Just watch the opening sequence and carefully watch what he does, which is…


The noted comedian, actor, author, and patron of Walking the Room tweeted late Monday, “Forgot I did this. I stayed absolutely motionless in the opening scene from a King Of Queens episode. EERIE.” Also hilarious. He later responded to a question about why he did it and whether he was told to do it or if it was on a dare with, “I can’t remember. Might have been. Hmmm…”

Start at about :34 and watch until the 2:52 mark or so. The last part, spied from the kitchen at a distance, is especially brilliant.

HT: The A.V. Club

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