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Welcome Back (Maybe?) Liquid Television!

by on October 11, 2011

Holy cow. So lately MTV seems to be trying to reconnect with the Gen X audience they’ve been gradually alienating for the past 20 years or so. Later this month, brand spanking’ new episodes of Beavis and Butthead premiere on the network. And though it’s not the same as a broadcast return (though one might argue that makes it easier not to sully our memories) – Liquid Television is back! Well… kinda?

The just-launched features a spiffy, minimalist new logo for the brand as well as some excellent quality streaming video of the bananas short films and animations that comprised the late-night 90′s MTV favorite. Some might even argue it was the most interesting half-hour of programming they ever produced; I sure know that it was a highlight of my week all through high-school, sneaking up late Sunday nights to watch it before I forced myself to bed and let the VCR kick in to record 120 Minutes. (There’s also a blog on the site that seems to be Tumblr-driven as well as at least several months old.)

It’s unclear exactly what the full plans are for restoring the Liquid TV franchise (High Snobriety says they will be “releasing” all the episodes in the coming months, but on the web only? What about DVD?! The original Aeon Flux shorts are on that show’s box set, true, but… more please?) Anyway, for the time being, grok five of the very best shorts the show had to offer below. (It’s interesting to note that I distinctly remember a couple of these also turning up on Night Flight, too. Man, TV used to be great for insomniacs…)

Grinning Evil Death (Parts 1 & 2)

Captain Sarcastic: The biggest douchebag ever to put on a cape. Go, little guy, squash that bug!

Lea Press-On Limbs

“Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, olive, aquamarine, burnt sienna, Payne’s gray, brick, slate, granite, suede, plaid, jade, chrome and PAAAAISLEY!… chocolate, vanilla, Neopolitan and fudge royale!”

Elvis Meets the Spider People From Hell

Yeah, I still have no idea. First time, though, I giggle-snorted for about five solid minutes.

The Thing That Lurked In the Tub

It’s creepy, it’s slimy, it’s disgusting.. and it’s no match for this disgusting dude.

The Running Man

In all honesty, still probably the finest 10 minutes of animation I’ve ever seen on broadcast TV. Stunning, evocative, puzzling, and impossible to forget. Blew my mind back then and still kinda does now.