The Nerdist Channel. Now A Thing!

Sweet buttery beans! YouTube announced today the creation of 100 or so new channels that are the result of partnerships with some very fancy individuals. I am EXTREMELY proud to announce that The Nerdist will take its place among the fanciness. The Nerdist Channel is a foundational partnership between ourselves, The Jim Henson Company, GeekChicDaily, and Broadway Video Entertainment, with strategic partners including Soapbox Films & The Chernin Group

“But Chris,” you say, “I have 7 YouTube Channels covering everything from yarn-bombing statues to cats in suds. How is this different from any of that??!” Excellent question. Smartly, YT is going to get behind these channels to create an offering of entertainment across a variety of video genres–everything from music to sports to cooking to pop culture (e.g., NERD CULTURE!). It has been my continuing goal with Nerdist Industries to create nerd-based content that I would want to consume myself, were I not making it. Sort of a “Nerd FUBU”, if you will.

This channel will give us the opportunity to create programming that would normally be crushed by the constraints of television (um, I still love and work in you, TV!). While we will certainly be producing more traditional long-form content, TV just doesn’t have a place for pieces from :30 to 7 min. Also, if you’ve ever gone through television development you know that it is a LONG process where a lot of the original creator’s voice usually gets lost along the way. This will be a perfect platform for maintaining the integrity of the artists’ vision while being able to turn things around efficiently to preserve freshness, like hot bread for your eyes. Beyond that, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of partners to manifest this shared vision. I know it sounds corny, but we really all came together under the idea of, “Let’s just be nice to each other and make cool stuff together.”

In the coming months you will see announcements begin to trickle out of our information spouts that will provide more of the whos and whats. Keep an eye here at Nerdist or sign up for the daily newsletter at

Enjoying the burrito!


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