Invasion Of the Lego People

Another Giant Lego Man has washed up on a beach! Look:

This time, it’s on Siesta Key in Florida, and the giant Lego man’s back is emblazoned with the name Ego Leonard, number 8 in your scorecard (at least, that’s what’s on his “jersey”), carrying the enigmatic message “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.” Ah, I see. Well, then… what?

Giant Lego men have previously washed up on shore in Holland and England. Is this an art project? Could this be promotion for the new Legoland in Florida? And what’s this all about? Okay, here’s the explanation: It IS an art thing, by a Dutch artist named, yes, Ego Leonard, and his paintings show Lego figures standing in front of city scenes and landmarks and, oh, look, you can buy some of the art as well as a book of his art. He’s got a Facebook page, too. Gotta admit, he knows how to get attention.

HT: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, BoingBoing

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