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He Thought Different

by on October 5, 2011

Back before every one of the company’s pronouncements became an event, way back in January 1984, Steve Jobs showed off the brand-new Macintosh:

In 2001, he introduced the iPod:

We’d be remiss if, as a community of nerds, we didn’t take a moment to reflect on Steve Jobs’ passing. It’s hard to deny his impact while I write this on a MacBook Pro with an iPod Touch and iPod Classic within reach, ready to order an iPhone 4S in days. And whether you’re an Apple fanboy or not, whether you use an iOS device or something else, however you look at Apple, there are very few people with as singular a vision or who leave a legacy quite like his. Rest in peace, Steve, and thanks for the insane greatness.

(UPDATE: BoingBoing’s tribute is that the site, as of Wednesday evening, sports a design like the original Macintosh screen, in glorious black-and-white. Very fitting)

(UPDATE II:’s GadgetLab has a nice gallery of Jobs’ greatest accomplishments.  Yes, Pixar’s on there)