My Friggin Book!!!

I just got this in the mail today. S’weird! This was nothing but a really large Word .doc for so long that having it in the physical world freaks me out a bit (in a good way).

November 1st is soon! I hope you like it! Or at least don’t think me douchey and weird because of what I wrote. But I can’t really control what you think, so there’s that! I just feel like there are other like-minded nerd types who are looking for the same answers I was. And while I haven’t figured out all of them, I feel like I managed to tick off quite a few. All the things that make us nerds–focus, internal monologuing, obsessiveness–I think are the raw materials for achieving stuff. I may be crazy, but I do seem to get a lot of shit done.

Okay, enough insecure disclaimers! We have a temp book page up at for pre-orders at the moment. Hoo-RAH!!!

PS – YES! There will be an audio version as well!

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