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Another Change In The “Star Wars” Blu-ray Set

by on September 1, 2011

Let’s not get into the whole George Lucas Star Wars Blu-Ray thing here for now, okay? Yes, he made some changes; yes, there are changes to the audio that may strike you as upsetting; yes, it’s causing some people a great deal of angst. But Patton Oswalt tweeted a link to one of the most egregious changes in the Blu-Ray edition:

Blame Lucas… okay, maybe this one’s on Gerry Duggan. And the joke’s pretty much all there right in the beginning, but it’s all only a few seconds more than a minute, so stop complaining. Anyway, if you’re among the upset, or if you think Lucas can keep tinkering with his creation, or if you’re like me, don’t have a Blu-ray player and plan to happily ignore the whole thing, you can post your innermost feelings in the comments here.

*not really