Another New Doctor Who Trailer!!!

Literally hot off the internet presses, the BBC have just released this here trailer for Series 6 Part Deux. It’s not as lengthy as the first one that came out, but it does feature some amazing new visuals. Peep it!

Amazing!! Huzzah! Cannot wait for August 27th!


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  • So no way the one eyed chick is Melody Pond, so wonder why she has an eye patch on! Doctor dies on 22/04/2011?! Wonder if that means that a resolution will be on the show’s return. Amy is wearing some armor-like outfit, and a train going full speed into a pyramid?!

  • @FJG my temperature rose, so it must be hot!

    Here are my thoughts, we are going to have both the 900 year old Doctor and the 1100 year old Doctor. My guess is that The Doctor that says, “One last trip” while wearing a Stetson is the 1100 year old version. Why can’t I watch the whole season now?! I might explode with anticipation.

  • Now i dont want to stir up a big debacle over this because im probably totally wrong on, but the guy at 00:31 looks oddly like david tennant with the sideburns and dark brown hair, and kinda looks like hes wearing the right attire. like i said probably way wrong but at the same time god i really would like that to be true. a tenth and eleventh doctor episode would be oh so epic!!

  • I was just looking at the Comic-Con DW trailer and at 0:23, it looks like the bridge of a space ship, the guy on console on the right looks like he has the same sideburns. and unfortunately he’s not David Tennant.

    Besides, I’m sure the internet would have exploded before now if Tennant was caught dead or alive on a DW set.

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    Guys, as cool as it would be if David Tennant returned somehow, if he WERE going to be in it, we’d have heard about it long ago. That’d be an event, they wouldn’t bury that lead. My guess is he won’t be back until the 50th anniversary in 2013. That’d make the most sense.

  • Is that the pterodactyl from Torchwood?
    River with an eye patch?
    I thought it looked like Eccleston for a second…. how about 3 doctors?
    Can Rory be more badass this year? Cause I loved him in the last episode.

  • Everyone who thinks Matt Smiths regeneration lives 200 years is probably not right, the Doctor is known to lie about his age, hell he has been 900 for a couple of centuries now.