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A Few More Unnecessary Words About Steve Jobs

by on August 24, 2011


We’re supposed to have something pithy and perceptive to say about Steve Jobs’ resignation right now, I suppose. I mean, we’re Nerdist and we’re as much into tech as anything else (okay, maybe we’re more into Doctor Who. And the Muppets. And space, and standup comedy, and zombies.  But tech’s up there, too). Pretty much the only thought coming to mind, though, is, well, there it is, um, he’s stepping down, hope he’s okay.  I’ve been looking all over the Net and Twitter, and nobody else appears so far to have anything special to say, either (and, no, “iQuit” is not an original joke). It’s all just general shock, even though a) he’s not dead, b) he’ll still be Chairman, for whatever that might be worth, and c) everybody knew this was coming at some point.  It wasn’t a secret that at some point, he’d be unable to continue. And now that the day is here, the news still came as something of a shock. What? Now? Really? That must mean… oh.

Our contribution here? Just to remind you of a few things:

1. This is not the end of the world. Your MacBook Pro will not dematerialize. Lion will still be confounding your scrolling instincts tomorrow. Your AT&T iPhone will still be dropping calls.  There are about two years’ worth of new products already in the pipeline. Whatever changes the company goes through, if any, won’t be apparent for a couple of years, if there are any changes. It might even get better. Nobody knows.

2. There is absolutely no proof at this time that Matt Mira’s resignation from the Apple store at the Grove is related to today’s announcement. You can make assumptions, but until there’s proof, it remains in the “Unsolved” file.

But maybe you have something more pertinent to say. Can Apple survive and innovate without Jobs at the day-to-day helm? Is Tim Cook the right guy?  Will they become “just another company”? Perhaps you’re not an Apple fan at all, you have an Android phone and use Linux anyway, and you have a perspective on this. Or you just don’t care. Whatever your thoughts, post ‘em below in the comments. Good, bad, indifferent, your choice; Just keep it civil.