Who’s the Funniest Woman on TV?

We tackled the funniest man on TV on Thursday, so now let’s talk women. The list probably needs to begin with Jane Lynch (hosting the 2011 Emmys), and then include some combo of these individuals: Tina Fey (ah, the ol’ standby), Amy Poehler, Kaitlin Olson, Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler, Alison Brie (quelle scandale ), Susie Essman, Betty White (don’t hate on Hot in Cleveland), Kristen Wiig, and yes, another from the Bridesmaids set: Melissa McCarthy, now minted as an Emmy nominee to boot. (I’d consider tossing Alyson Hannigan in here, because her Lily is pitch-perfect most of the time.)

Who you got, nerds? Bossy Pants, Sweet Dee, Lately, or someone completely different?

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  • Sweet Dee for me, by far. To me, Chelsea Handler is among the funniest women on TV just as much as Sarah Jessica Parker is among the prettiest. Alison Brie is also awesome, but Sweet Dee rules.

  • Stephanie Courtney (Flo from the Progressive commercials) cracks me up all the time. I think she is hysterical and I actually DON’T get tired of the commercials. I would love to see her in a bigger role.

  • It’s a 3-way Fey/Poehler/Wiig tie for funniest. Don’t make me choose!

    Chelsea Handler is about as funny as a brain tumor. If you look up the phrase ‘sleep your way to the top,’ you’ll see her picture.

    P.S. I have a girl-crush on Alison Brie… EEEP!

  • Kristin Wiig makes me laugh in some of the least funny sketches in SNL history. Something about her is just goddamned hilarious. Sketches that have no right being that funny by premise are made instantly classic just by the look on her face. Example: the Ann Margaret picking something up sketch. Such a stupid premise; she made it great though.

  • Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth was great, Jessica Walter as Malory Archer – fantastic. Amber Nash as the mouthy HR officer Pam Poovey – over the top!

  • Since Kate Miccuci and Riki Lindholm pop up on TV often, my vote is for them. And Kristen Schaal.

    The others listed are fine, but if someone told me they all retired tomorrow, I’d be OK with it.

    Except Chelsea Handler. She should’ve retired 20 years ago. Garmy strong.

  • In no particular order…Jane Lynch for sure, Chelsea Handler in small doses, Kathy Griffin, Does Rupaul count, Tina Fey, Margret Cho, Julia Louis-Dreyfus have to admit I liked her better on TNAOOC.

  • Kristen Wiig hands down. I can’t believe @The_Nicktator would say “she’s overrated and tired” and then go on to choose Tina Fye. I love both but Tina Fye is talked about a lot more and is regarded higher generally, and she is truly honestly every bit of the word tired. Just like Seacrest (sorry for relating her to that likeness) she over works herself. She does do a brilliant job though.

  • I have to throw Megan Mullaly’s name in the ring. I strongly encourage anyone who only remembers her from Will & Grace to see her in Party Down, Children’s Hospital, and Parks and Recreation.

  • Don’t forget Yvette Nicole Brown. Shirley cracks me up all the time. Olivia Munn would make the list, but she’s not on AOTS anymore and I don’t watch her other shows.

  • The Aluminum Monster (Sweet Dee) FTW. Has never been unfunny once on IASIP. Find one episode where she was off, I dare you.

    Handler is just not my cup of tea.

    Honorable mentions would have to include Fey, Poehler, Wiig, and Lynch.

  • It’s a toss-up between Fey and Wiig. Fey is brilliantly more cerebral and self-deprecating, whereas Wiig can make me want to puke from laughing when she breaks out a pair of doll arms. Sweet Dee is shrill, and is probably the least funny character on Always Sunny, Jane Lynch hasn’t been laugh-out-loud funny since the 40 year old virgin, and I’m pretty sure Chelsea Handler is in some sort of Weekend at Bernie’s rig, where her lifeless corpse is puppeted around the stage by the two hackiest and most unfunny gay guys E! could find passed out in the gutter after nickel beer night down at The ManHole. Aside from Amy Poehler, the rest probably shouldn’t be in contention (Alison Brie is super talented, but we’re talking “funniest,” and I don’t think she’s there yet).

  • I just finished watching Party Down (on Netflix stream). That show was HILARIOUS! It really gave me more respect for Jane Lynch. I knew she was funny, but I have avoided Glee like the plague.

    Tina Fey is one of my favorites for sure. Her writing and acting are top notch. Also, Liz Lemon is my hero for sure.

    I also have to give props to Catherine Tate who I got to know from Doctor Who when she played Donna Noble. She was a great companion who was more sisterly and I really appreciated that. I’ve caught a bit of her comedy show and it’s hilarious too!

  • Joan Rivers

    The best at one liners. If you don’t like the fashion shows at least check out her interviews on talk shows and the doc film about her. She’s so sharp and full of wit. I don’t care for the fashion crap but I watch Fashion Police just to hear her jokes.

  • To me it’s hands down Chelsea Handler. Her show is one me and my fiancee watch every night. Her quick wit and sarcastic humor put her above the rest.

  • To me it’s hands down Chelsea Handler. Her show is one me and my fiancee watch every night. Her quick wit and sarcastic humor put her above the rest. Tina Fey is another good choice.

  • Its a toss up between Jane Lynch and Chelsea Handler. Love Glee and I also love Chelea’s books. Only time I had to contain laughter reading a book was reading Are You There Vodka.

  • Alison Brie reads funny lines that are written for her. Please dont include her in this. Whereas as Jane Lynch, Amy Poehler, Handler, etc. are funny on there own without someone else’s words.

  • Honourbale mentions go to the delightful Julie Bowen, who is hilarious on tv. Seen a couple of interviews with her and her comedic timing is amazing. Also I personally LOVE Chelsea Handler.

  • Tina Fey for President
    Amy Poehler for Vice-President
    Chelsea Handler for Speaker of the House
    I think Fey is brilliant. She writes, she acts and she can grow a mean moustache.
    Amy Poehler shines in everything she does.
    Chelsea is delicious and irreverent.

  • Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, and Kaitlin Olson are funny, but I don’t think Aubrey Plaza has gotten a shout out yet. She is so great on Parks and Rec.

  • I want to second Laura for her mention of Jessica Walter as Malory Archer and Amber Nash as Pam in Archer and I want to also add Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane and Judy Greer as Ceryl Tunt. Archer is the funniest cartoon on TV and one of the smartest shows in general.

  • Amy Poehler is my hero and to me personally, the funniest. That being said, I also love Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy (I don’t watch her current show, but GILMORE GIRLS and Bridesmaids more than show her talents), Sofia Vergara is hilarious, Kristen Schaal, Aubrey Plaza, Caitlin Olson and obviously Jane Lynch, despite the dreck she’s given on Glee. Oh, and Merritt Weaver (Zoe on Nurse Jackie) is killer funny on that show.

  • I’d say Tina Fey is probably the smartest comedian, but Amy Poehler is the funniest performer. Kristen Wiig is right up there, too.

    Here’s a top 5

    Amy Poehler
    Tina Fey
    Kristen Wiig
    Aubrey Plaza
    Jessica Walter