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Revamping the “Music Nerd”

by on July 8, 2011

How dare they replace “arrogant-hipster-douchebag” with “nerd!”

When stumbling online, webpages incorporating both “music” and “nerd” normally excite, enthrall, empower, and maybe even engulf me a little bit. However, the above illustration exemplifies the evil internet hipster-goblins trying to stockpile all music nerds into one autonomous family of esoteric, music-loathing meanies! Okay, vent over.

But music nerds, unite! We don’t have to talk smack about John Mayer just to make ourselves feel better. We talk smack about those trying to get rid of NPR, and the drunk guy at the concert who brought his two-year-old daughter and is singing the wrong lyrics.

So let’s post some good, new music that shows some off that hot nerd skin!

For instance, new Bon Iver (not exactly underground anymore but couldn’t help myself), SBTRKT and Beirut!

Bon Iver – Michicant from Simon Boury on Vimeo.