Omar Little, Walter Sobchak To Join Faculty At Greendale Community College

You may have heard by now, but Michael K. Williams — best known as Omar Little on The Wire — is headed over to Community for a run that should last at least three episodes. He’s going to play the biology teacher, but with a twist — he’s a hardened ex-con who teaches biology in his own special way. Indeed. Interesting arc here: excellent character from vastly-underrated (except for the critics) show joins the cast of vastly-underrated (except for the critics) show. Bonus: it will give a whole new meaning to Magnitude screaming “POP POP,” hopefully.

(Editor’s note: So is John Goodman, as the powerful Vice Dean of the Greendale school of air conditioning repair, the one thing for which the college is nationally recognized.  He’ll be in at least six episodes.  The season can’t start soon enough, even if they just started shooting today….)

HT: Baltimore Sun, New York Magazine’s Vulture

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