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Mother Uses Dead Son’s Sperm For Grandchild

by on July 11, 2011

Just your typical boy-meets-girl, girl has son-who-then-tragically-dies-so-she-harvests-his-sperm-to-mother-her-future-grandchild story. No, this is not a script from a telenovela, but the real life narrative of Marissa Evans, 44, who lost her son to a brain injury that resulted from a bar fight. Before Nikolas Evans, 21, succumbed to his injuries, he told his mom he wished he would live to become a father. After he died, she vowed to make his (?) dream come true by using his sperm to father her biological grandchild.

Evans is not carrying the child herself (because that would be creepy). She has an egg donor and surrogate in Mexico, but she will raise her grandchild on her own. Now, deep down, I’m a softie and totally get the sentiment behind this act, but this is just too much. She’s going against the natural order of how things played out, yet we have access to modern medicine so she should have the right to make such drastic life choices, right? I don’t know, nerds. What do you think about this one?





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