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Bye Bye Borders!

by on July 19, 2011

Well, guys. It’s been reported in just about every major news outlet that Borders will soon be shuttering their remaining stores for good (unless Books-A-Million comes through on a bid). So far, I’ve seen a little rejoicing, a bit of sadness and a lot of indifference. Whether you’re Team Independent Bookstore or Team B&N/Amazon/etc, can we all agree that it’s a bit of a sad day for readers? I think R.L Stine’s tweet about this hit the nail on the head, at least for me. “The closing of the Borders stores leaves thousands of unemployed workers– but also millions of unemployed books. A tragic day.”

Now, I will grant you that my emotional attachment to Borders waned after five years of employment, especially while watching the proverbial ship sink (I bailed in 2008). But when I stopped to put aside the whole “closing of a major corporation who made shitty decisions” aspect of this story, I found myself truly saddened. All of the wonderfully brilliant and amazingly literate friends I’ve made over the years (some of my best!) are now going to be out of work and that, I think, is the worst part.

Whether you’re for or against the bookstore giants, let’s hear your thoughts. I know fans of good ol’ Borders 368 will be as saddened by this news as I am. (I love you guys!)

Oh, and you’ll probably have to pre-order/buy Chris’s book somewhere else now. So, remember that.