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Zombie Detergent, Nut Cracking, And Getting It Over With: What We Learned At Nerdist This Week

by on June 24, 2011

And sometimes, you just want the week to end. This is one of those weeks. So I’ll get to the recap of the week that was in a few seconds.

But first, a word from our leader:

Watch that. BBC America, Saturday night, 10p Eastern, go here for more information and to find where the channel is on your cable or satellite service, assuming, of course, that you have cable or satellite. And live in the U.S.

Now, then, what happened around the Nerdist universe this week? This:

1. The week started early with the full trailer for the Muppets movie. Much squeeing rang out across the land.

2. Kevin Seccia dropped by with another set of detailed instructions on how to beat up celebrities, this time targeting that versatile actor Robert Downey Jr. Your chance of success depends on what role he happens to be playing at the time. Go for the Less Than Zero Downey; he probably won’t feel a thing.

3. Weird Al released the video for his Lady Gaga parody. Al’s face on a Gaga stand-in. At least, one can only hope that’s how they did it.

4. A joystick for the iPhone? Why not? Might want to take it off before slipping the phone back into your pocket, though.

5. What would a Woolite commercial directed by Rob Zombie look like? This. In other words, the coolest, eeriest, Rob Zombie-est Woolite commercial you’ll ever see.

6. Our brothers and sisters at GeekChicDaily put together a contest to celebrate our partnership. You can win a Jambox speaker and t-shirts. Time’s running out. Hurry.

7. The podcast hit the 100th episode mark with a visit from Simon Pegg. SIMON PEGG! He was, as always, brilliant. And if that wasn’t enough, Joel McHale dropped by to join the conversation. JOEL MCHALE! AND SIMON PEGG! AND CHRIS, JONAH, AND MATT! IN ONE SHOW! Now, THAT’S a 100th show.

8. More proof that the Nerd Community is special came with the news that Star Wars fans in L.A. are rallying to support their own, a couple whose baby has a mystery illness that has so far baffled doctors. They’re donating money, buying raffle tickets, and helping pay the bills. What a great story.

9. Someone took all the Paranoid Android YouTube cover videos and edited them into one big Radiohead cover band-y thing. That gave me the excuse to trot out Rodeohead again, because if there’s any opportunity to suck up to Fearless Leader, i’m not going to miss it.

10. Ted reported on Conan O’Brien’s pending cameo on How I Met Your Mother after winning an auction. He’ll just sit at the bar, by his own choice. Your dream Barney-Masturbating Bear crossover scene will just have to remain a dream.

Kick-Ass: An unrealistic realistic superhero

11. Kyle took aim at the superhero, pointing out how doing what superheroes do in real life will get you grief and quite possibly killed. This drew some objections. Man, you superheroes are touchy.

12. A performance artist is planning to be shipped in a crate from Arkansas to Oregon while playing Lord of the Rings Online. He says it’s part of studying how people with PTSD escape into online worlds, but the bottom line is that there’s a guy in a crate on a truck being hauled across the country, and I don’t want to know about the logistics, like bathroom breaks. I don’t want to know, I don’t need to know, I just… don’t.

13. Ted brought a Mormon Tabernacle Choir flash mob to our attention. They did it at Colonial Williamsburg, and it seemed to fit the occasion, which, to me, is not the way you do a flash mob. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir flash mobbing in a Vegas Casino? In the yard at San Quentin? At a dive bar in Albany, New York? THAT would be interesting.

14. Nicole previewed the return of Futurama. Bender’s back! That’s always a good thing.

15. J.K. Rowling unveiled Pottermore, the Harry Potter website with interactive doodads and thingamijigs and gewgaws. Also shopping.

16. Pranks plus Lego equals this, a Legoland manager discovering that his car had been replaced by a meticulous Lego recreation. And I was informed that the plural of Lego is “Lego.” If “Legos” is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

17. You’re too late, I believe, to buy an archival poster from Chris’ Seattle show by Barry Blankenship. But you can admire a poster that actually merits the title of “awesome.”

18. The Hostful Podcast gave us the further adventures of the Sister-Wives, Jonah and Matt, who continued with their love-hate relationship. There’s love somewhere in there. I think.

19. Nicole gave us an epic rant about Bing and its commercial snarking on an action figure collection. You don’t want to make Nicole angry. (Although it WAS pretty hilarious)

20. They released a new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, and damned if it didn’t look like something you’ll want to see. From the looks of it, they pull off that 40′s look pretty well.

21. Jimmy Fallon presented Panthro’s cabaret act, singing the Thundercats theme. With dancers. That’s entertainment.

22. Kyle went into detail about the Killer Elite trailer, right up to the climactic Dick Punch. That last part is what’s going to sell this thing to the young male demographic, I’ll wager.

And that’s the week. Oh, yeah, another thing. Peter Falk passed away Thursday, and you may think of him as Lt. Columbo, in the rumpled coat, playing the clueless bumbler until the end of the episode, where he’d stop and ask about “just one more thing.” Or you may think of him from this:

Or from Wings of Desire or a long list of other movies. He will, of course, be missed. Maybe you can rent The Princess Bride this weekend and enjoy your burrito in front of it. Sounds like a plan.