Your Tau Day Serenade

You know how some people, with varying degrees of seriousness, think Pi is “wrong” and Tau (double Pi, or 6.283185307179586…) should be the circle constant? I’m no mathematician, but I do take notice when someone does something like this with it. Here’s Tau to 126 decimal places, according to musician Michael John Blake:

It’s a hit! Okay, maybe not, but that’s what you get if you assign the notes in the major scale to numbers 1 through… aah, the explanation’s in the video. if you like it and/or you’re just really into Tau, you can buy the song here. Blake did this with Pi and ended up in a copyright battle with another composer who claimed the rights to the melody you get from Pi (not Chris or Phirman), but, thus far, nobody’s rushing to claim ownership of Tau.

Oh, and 6.28 means today, June 28th, is Tau Day. If you’ve been hoping for an excuse to play hooky from work or class, maybe that’ll work.

HT: Engadget

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