Like “The Hangover Part 2″ Meets “Beaches” With A Touch Of “Bourne Identity”


Hawkman (for those not in the know, read this) is apparently going into development. The legit log-line for this film notes it as a combination of Indiana Jones, The Da Vinci Code, and Ghost.

All right, we’ll go ahead and say it: not only is that complete and utter garbage, but it may be the most hysterical log line of all-time. We were sitting in a bar before the Kentucky Derby two years ago and heard a guy tell an arriving girl that the script he had just finished was “Wolverine” meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Until now, that was the funniest we’d ever heard.

Two questions, dear reader:

(1) Is there any hope whatsoever for this film?
(2) What’s the best log line you’ve ever heard/created in your mind?

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