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Hey, Bing! Shut Up.

by on June 23, 2011

Maybe I wouldn’t be as irritated if it were one or the other, but lately on both television and the internet, I can’t escape this Bing ad:

Now, given the fact that I’ve been utterly burned out on Facebook for at least a year and a half, this ad doesn’t particularly speak to me anyway. But any hope it had of luring me in with social media convenience flew right out the window with homeboy’s little snarky line about stopping “me” from admitting to owning an action figure collection.

You know, I know there are certain sociological trends to indicate the whole “geeks have inherited the earth” phenomenon, and certainly we get treated like a valuable commodity by marketing suits in many ways we didn’t before. But then I see an ad like this and think, hmm… nope, we’re not quite there yet. Not “world domination” level, at least. And maybe that’s for the best, because it reinforces our sense of community. A community that can still collectively roll our eyes at an ad which is mildly annoying for its disdain for our nerdy proclivites, yet is particularly annoying in that it has no concept of the fact that we might not be interested in anyone who found our action figure collection to be an embarrassment in the first place!

In conclusion: I’d like to present Bing with the universally recognized symbol for “Live Long and Fuck Off”:

And as a grace note, I’d like to show any and all available nerd fellas out there my BSG Minimates collection:

*throws down mic* *kicks over amp* *struts off stage*