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Breast Milk: The Liquid Gold Rush

by on June 9, 2011

Congratulations, boys, you’ve made it past the title. Girls, you knew you couldn’t look away. Hey, it’s no secret that babies are expensive. That’s why I plan to get my future children into baby modeling. Although, a new trend has emerged that could keep me from potentially exploiting my future offspring: Freelance Breast Milking. New moms who are unable to work can sell their excess breast milk on the web for some serious coin. How much? One new mom raked in an extra $20,000 last year selling her milk. But even working moms can do this. Who doesn’t need extra cash?

There is virtually no downside for the seller (except perhaps a little uneasiness), but buyer beware. Breast milk can transfer serious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis and there is little to no screening on these sites. So what you do? Would you ever consider selling your breast milk? Would you buy online if you couldn’t get the real deal at home?

And nerds, please know I would never put my kids in show business. My last name isn’t Smith.





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