Because What The iPhone Really Needs Is A Knobby Appendage

Meet “Joystick-It,” from the folks at ThinkGeek:

I don’t know if this thing works or not, and I sure don’t know if you really want to be sticking anything other than, maybe, a scratch shield on the glass face of your iPhone, even if it’s removable and repositionable, but if you like playing arcade-style games on your phone, this here is a joystick that just attaches right to the phone. You stick it on the part of the screen where the game has its virtual joystick and it allegedly lets you control, say, Ms. Pac-Man just like you did with the arcade version. You can even use two for games with dual joystick capability.  And whether the thing represents something, well, phallic, that’s up to your imagination.

Again, whether it works or not, I dunno. They say it also works with “many Android phones,” and there are versions for iPads and Android tablets. In case you’re interested, it’s listed at $17.99. And if that’s not enough for you, there’s always the iCade, the iPad enclosure that turns the tablet into an Atari arcade with a joystick and buttons and 70’s styling, which was proposed as an April Fool’s gag and ended up being a real thing. Seems like there’s no shortage of ways to turn the latest technology into relics from the past. But it’s kinda cool, at that.

HT: Our Leader, Chris Hardwick, and ThinkGeek

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