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Are Blow Up Dolls More Dangerous Than Guns?

by on June 15, 2011

No. Obviously, blow up dolls are not as dangerous as guns. But that’s not how one Indiana high school sees it. Tyell Morton, an 18 year-old senior, thought he had the perfect class prank by leaving a blow up doll the girl’s bathroom. Yes, he may be really shitty at pranking people, but the school didn’t take this lightly. Morton had to sneak into the ladies room to accomplish Operation Blow Up Doll, and surveillance cameras caught a “hooded figure wearing latex gloves entering a women’s bathroom carrying a suspicious package and leaving empty-handed.”

Authorities were called and a full-on bomb squad evacuation took place. But not only did Morton’s joke backfire, he has been charged with felony criminal mischief and could serve a maximum of 8 years in prison! To put this in perspective, if he had carried a gun to school, he would only be facing a Class D felony with up to three years of jail time. I understand the school is most upset about having to perform an evacuation, but once they found out the truth, why pursue criminal charges against a student with no prior history?

What kind of humorless world do we live in where a blow up doll is treated more seriously than a gun?




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