A New Trailer For ‘Captain America’

Here’s a new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger:

Nazis! Top-secret experiments! Tommy Lee Jones! Yes, this trailer’s different from the first one a few months back. Not sure how many folks were waiting for a Captain America movie, but we’ll find out on July 22nd.

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  • Sweet! I actually have been, like Green Lantern I find Cap is one of those characters who often doesn’t get a lot of respect. Sure Wolvie is cool and gruff but there’s a moral backbone and in the Marvel Universe it’s Cap’ don’t know if the movie is going to be any good but one can hope. :-)

  • I have always been a huge Cap fan. As lame as it sounds, his patriotism was a factor in my desire to serve as well. I did not fight anything as big as Hydra, but Sadam was a close second.

  • I am totally stoked for this movie. Both because I think Chris Evans is a really fun actor, but also I think the comics are an interesting brand of nostalgic cool.

    Does America really need a blatantly nationalistic hero right now when everything we touch goes to crap? Proooooooobably not. Will I go see it anyway? Yes.

    Stanley Tucci is in it. Who could blame me?

    Although, everyone I’ve talked to says they could barely recognize Chris Evans as weakling!Steve, and I don’t disagree at all. Not that that dude is a mass of muscles all the time, but Cap!Steve looks more normal. Which makes me wonder if weakling!Steve was the computer animated one. Which is super weird if you think about it. Usually they’re enhancing our heroes not …dehancing (?) them.

  • I kind of got a little Red Skull in my pants there…

    When I heard they were making a Captain America movie, I was really not enthused until I saw that it was going to be a 40’s movie…. at which point my hope inflated to the “and can it *all* be in the 40’s? It would suck if it was only flashbacks…”

    But now I have gone all the way to FUCKYEAH1940sCAPMOVIE and it’s going to be so awesome!


  • Yeah, “weakling Steve” was the animated one. Chris Evans bulked up for this one, so those muscles are definitely all him.

    Looks like it’ll be a good movie!

  • Looks better than Green Lantern. I like the fact that he is going to be a part of the US Army and will use guns. And Stark, Hydra and the Howling Commandos are all in it? Is Sgt. Fury in it?

  • You know when the first trailer came out, all I could say was meh. Now I am looking forward to this, though I wonder the effect it will have in other countries, you know being Captain AMERICA? I heard they’re reducing the title in other countries to just The First Avenger, but I wonder if that would be enough. I mean it’s not like most Americans would see a movie about Captain Britain, I still would but that’s cause I’m a nerd, but if this movie doesn’t make waves in the box office, will it affect the Avengers movie being made?

  • This Movie looks good, but coming from Australia…the over the to “Go America” them is a bit ridiculous. Although I can see it going really well in the states…Ah well

  • i was initially skeptical when i heard chris evens was going to play cap cuz he usually plays the comedic relief but this trailer just won me over. this might be one of the few movies i see this summer