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Writers You Might Like

by on May 31, 2011

Well, hello! A while ago, I told you nerdlings that I’d be interested in seeing your book, assuming you’ve written one, and requested email-y details. And lo! SOME OF YOU HAVE WRITTEN BOOKS! Amazing! I wish I could muster that kind of pen-to-paper-to-keyboard motivation and do that myself — but since I can’t yet, I’ll do it vicariously through you.

The point of reminding you about that post is that I also said I’d feature them in an upcoming NERDS WHO WROTE A BOOK post and guess what?!


Should you be interested in what your fellow nerdlings are writing (and you should, some of these books sound great), you can set your peepers to read and dig in!

As per the usual (or what will become the usual if I can gather more nerdling written books for posts like this) these here books are in no particular order. Also, I’m listing either the publisher’s description of the book or what the authors asked me to include. Once I get around to reading all of them, perhaps I’ll even do an in-depth review. Well, well. We shall see.

Whom God Would Destroy by Commander Pants
It’s 1987, and “God” has returned to Earth to goof on humanity once more. Equipped with a new message, and a bell that makes people happy, he opens up a new age store, ready to have a little fun. Fortunately for us, things don’t turn out quite as He’d planned. Whom God Would Destroy is a thought provoking novel about God, insanity, Big Macs, space aliens and the search for the Ultimate Orgasm…but mostly it’s about taking reality with a pillar of salt.

Luke Rhinehart (author of the cult classic, The Dice Man) calls Whom God Would Destroy, “a wonderful novel with an original comic vision and style that had me laughing aloud. Commander Pants has created a unique cast of characters and tells a story that gets increasingly mad as we proceed, climaxing in a series of scenes, each one topping the previous one.”

States of Confusion by Paul Jury
Rather than deal with the problems he was facing as a recent college grad, Paul Jury decided to leave them in his rearview mirror. He might not have known the direction his life was headed, but he knew the route he was taking to hit all forty-eight contiguous states on one epic road trip.

Filled with plenty of adventure and the unforeseen obstacle (or twelve), this book puts you in shotgun to see where the road takes Paul. All he knows — after crashing on the beer-soaked couch of his younger brother’s frat — is that there’s no going back.

47 Echo by Shawn Kupfer — Kindle edition!
Russia, 2019. Combined Chinese and North Korean forces have taken increasing amounts of territory in a war that is devastating the world.

Nick Morrow is a convict conscript assigned to 47 Echo—a suicide squad. No one cares whether they live or die, as long as they complete their missions. Under the command of a Marine Corps with nothing but contempt for its squadron of felons, they are on a mission to defend what’s left of war-ravaged Russia.

A half-Chinese drifter, much isn’t expected of Nick. Like the other members of 47 Echo, he’s viewed as little more than cannon fodder. However, Nick’s sense of honor, analytical mind and skills on the battlefield just might be what the squad needs to survive the meat-grinder that is the front lines of this bloody war. But can Nick himself survive the brutal crimes that haunt his past?

There you have it! Hopefully, there will be more nerds-you-might-like posts in the future on the book front, SO GET BUSY WRITING. Or seriously, shoot me an email if you’ve written something you think might interest us nerds. Realize that it can be extraordinarily difficult and frustrating to break into the world o’ publishing and I’m not trying to intentionally or shamelessly promote anything, just trying to give writers a different kind of platform to get their things heard — or read, as it were. This isn’t some kind of contest or anything like that. I’d really love to give people another way to reach the masses!

Let’s make this awesome! You guys are the most creative peoples I cyberly know. (Gross…?)

As always: email, twitter, or comment here!