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Sex Toy Spelunk: The Tenga Cup

by on May 27, 2011

As the month of Masturbation May comes to a close, I thought it might be time to crack into a toy I’ve been eying for quite a while.

No, it’s not for me! It’s for anatomical architecture I do not possess. But that won’t stop me. No sir!

So today I’m spelunking the Tenga Deep Throat Cup (Special Soft Edition). It’s a disposable, pre-lubricated men’s toy and from the feedback I’ve gotten, this toy is a good thing in the world. Below is my harrowing journey.

After resurfacing from the toy (and washing my hands) I have these thoughts:

1) Soft White is my favorite of all three Tenga materials.

I’ve felt the black and the red before. Although many gentlemen are drawn to the black material because it is technically “tighter,” it is also a harder, less giving material, whereas the white Tenga is soft and rather sensual. Even against my fingertips it felt… nice.

2) Slurping sounds do not add to the quality of my life.

I had been warned that removing the sticker at the end (for finger-controlled suction) would create a loud squishing sound. But as you may have heard, that sound is already a thing. So in an alternate reality where I am a man, I’d leave the sticker on.

I encountered this fabulous prose on the above-mentioned sounds at the Tenga website: “Its arousing ‘slurping; sound gives you the feeling that you are enjoying a real deep throat experience.” Oh.

It also describes use of the toy as “Deliciously clinging fellatio.” Can’t say I can speak to that, but you’ve got to love marketing language. Who doesn’t want that?

3) As a final thought, here’s a super secret fan tip: Although the Deep Throat Cup is disposable, word on the street is that some guys choose to finish by other means, thereby extending the usability of their handy tool by a few uses. My fingers are typing with joy.

Have a great rest of your month!

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