Did Someone Mention Bluegrass?

It’s funny that the Nerdist Podcast crew talked to Ed Helms in today’s edition about his love for bluegrass and his banjo playing, and Jonah related his sad tale of missing out on the banjo he saved up to buy (apparently the only banjo in Hawaii), because there’s this:

That’s an 8-year-old playing the banjo, Johnny Mizzone. Robbie Mizzone, 12, is on the fiddle, and Tommy Mizzone, 13 years of age, is the guitar player. They’re the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, and they’ll be here all week.

And here they are playing the same “Flint Hill Special” before an audience:

So, when the guys were talking about how hard it is to play the banjo, they’re absolutely right… unless you’re a very, very talented 8-year-old natural.

HT: New York Magazine’s Vulture, Reddit

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