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Brain-Controlled Cat Ears For Humans

by on May 6, 2011

You’ve always wanted to have cat ears that react to your brain waves, right? No? Well, here they are anyway, nine minutes of members of the public with big fuzzy wiggling cat ears:

Some of the people look tremendously unenthusiastic, don’t they?

Here’s another promotional video for Necomimi that tries to sell the “neuro communication” device, showing how the ears move when you concentrate or relax.

What it doesn’t show is why you’d want this. For those of us who blush easily, it’s all we can do NOT to show our emotions when we don’t want to. I suppose that something that reacted to emotion would be good for people who, through mental disability or other inability to communicate, can’t show their emotions. For the rest of us, mind-controlled devices hold out a lot of promise, but it would probably be best if they didn’t take the form of fuzzy cat ears that droop when you concentrate.

HT: Boing Boing and Japan Trends