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Bob Dylan Turns 70, America Mumbles Semi-Incoherently In Praise

by on May 24, 2011

Bob Dylan is 70 today! Not entirely sure that merited an “!,” but it probably did; the dude is a major American musical figure, of course. Now, he’s done some weird shit — and let’s be honest, Bob Dylan isn’t even his real name — but still, Sinead O’Connor thinks he’s dead sexy, NPR threw together a four-hour stream of music for him, and, in this video from the NME, notable musicians all have a favorite Dylan jam:

(Editor’s Note: There’s also this tribute from Jimmy Fallon from March:)

Hit the comments with your favorite Dylan song/memory/moment. Our dad saw him rock at a ski lodge in upstate NY before he was using the name “Bob Dylan,” so that’s fairly cool (our dad bought a tape off him, which you could kinda argue may have kept him going at that stage, so…).