Are They Registered At GameStop?

I am not a fan of “theme weddings.” I prefer either your traditional wedding — that’s what we did — or a quick “I do” in front of a judge or exchanging vows in the backyard followed by a party with volleyball and beer, which some friends did. Or maybe with Elvis presiding in Vegas. But then there’s this:

A Super Mario Bros.-themed wedding? Well, it IS part of the bride’s and groom’s lives, being video-game children of the 80’s, and everyone will be in costume as Mario marries Princess Peach/Toadstool. The father of the bride will be Bowser, and guests (300-400 of them) will be encouraged to dress as any character except Mario or the Princess; guests don’t HAVE to do it, but if they don’t, they’re being asked to wear white, to represent clouds. Bridesmaids always hate the dresses they have to wear, but I’ll wager that they’ll REALLY hate whatever they’ll have to wear for this one.

Their first purchase as a couple? A Wii. Aww. Anyway, which video game or TV show or movie would you use as a theme for your wedding? (Or bar mitzvah, or funeral) I bet nobody’s done a Dig Dug wedding. Yet.

HT: WHO-TV/Des Moines

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