Special Doctor Who Premiere Screening With The Cast And Chris Hardwick Monday In NYC

Monday, April 11th. 7 pm Eastern. Village East Cinema, 189 Second Avenue, New York.

The premiere episode of the new season of Doctor Who on the big screen. Parts one and two.

That’s not enough? Then how about Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, and Steven Moffat live in person, in a Q&A session hosted by your ol’ pal Chris Hardwick?

Yeah, thought so.

Seating is first-come, first served. The details are here, and remember that an RSVP doesn’t guarantee a seat, so get there early. Oh, and if you aren’t in New York or can’t go, it’ll be recorded for the Nerdist Podcast, so everybody wins.


UPDATE: Hey, guys, Chris would like some suggestions for questions to ask of the panel.  Post ‘em below and he’ll see them.  Also, I don’t know about the best time to get there or any other details (like a lot of you, I’m not in the New York area and can’t go); the best place to check for information or to post about that would be at that link above.  Post those question suggestions here; hope you all make it there and get in, too.

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  • OMG I really did #squee when I saw this on Chris’ twitter before!!!! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for this!!!!! This makes up for not being able to go to the awesome things that have been happening @ Meltdown lately :D

  • This is so great! If I wasn’t a broke college student stuck in Atlanta with no car, I would totally roadtrip to NYC. This is so many things I love rolled into one awesome event!

  • Needy nerd request: can y’all take a sh@t-ton of photos and post ‘em with the podcast? Also, when interviewing Moffat, whatever you do, DON’T BLINK!!!!!!!!


  • Kristina: yes, I also in Atlanta, but we need to convince the Hardwick to hit up a certain DRAGON*CON! Preferably with co-hosts. And some G4 representation wouldn’t help…. it’s like the best con of the East coast goes completely unnoticed. Weird, huh? G4? You listening? Or heck, CraigyFerg, that’d be even more awesome if you had some correspondence here!


    The real point of this message (apologies for sidetrack) is WHOA, CHRIS, AWESOME! Sorry for yelling. How’d you score this, because… awesome! I’m not even forming complete sentences here!

  • That is beyond awesome. Chris (Because we are on a first name basis), don’t forget to invite your buddy Wil Wheaton. I am sure he would then forgive you for not having him there for the first Matt Smith interview.

    The only thing cooler than this is to talk Moffat into using “Enjoy your burrito!” as a line for the Doctor to use to shine off a baddie.