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Sondre’s Back!!!

by on April 25, 2011

What more can I say? I’ve been anxiously waiting for his next album since the release of Heartbeat Radio in 2009. It’s impossible for me to picture Sondre doing anything but singing to woodland creatures in the forest, armed with nothing but his guitar. He’s the male equivalent of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Not that he’s a damsel in distress, or undeserving of a more ‘macho’ description, but his music is what you hear when you’re frolicking through a meadow alongside Bambi. It’s frolicking music, ladies and gents.

Last week, Lerche’s new single was released on Soundcloud. and is now available on iTunes. His album will be released in the US on June 7th. Buy it, play it, frolic.

Sondre Lerche – Private Caller by sondrelerche