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Just in “Case”

by on April 28, 2011

I know many of you nerdists are always on the lookout for sleeker cases, or newer ways to enhance your smartphones. Are you by chance looking for the former, while you also believe that sex can happen to you at any moment?! Then the “justinCase” is for you. Not only will this ultra-thin case protect your iphone, but it will also protect your manhood. Or your man’s manhood.

This case is only a prototype, so I can’t tell you about about any awkward scenarios that’ve happened from whipping out one’s cell phone and having condoms fall out. Although, I hope I’m there to see this happen.

For now, the only iphone case you should be sporting is the Nerdist one. There may not be a place to store your condoms (maybe for version 2.0?), but it’s still pretty sweet.





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