Just Because: World’s Tallest Lego Tower

We’ve discussed this before, but if there’s one childhood toy I’d like to own again now, it’s a roomful of Legos. Okay, also Hot Wheels and table hockey with the little sliding flat metal players. But definitely Legos.

Here, because they could, is the Tallest Lego Tower in the World, 102 feet, 500,000 pieces, breaking a previous record from Chile. This one was billed as being built by kids, but they had a little help from parents and a crane.

The BBC’s coverage:

Here’s some Flip camera video of it:

I don’t think I’d build a tower, but I’d build a whole city. With Hot Wheels roads and a table hockey arena. And maybe Godzilla rampaging through it. That would be cool.

HT: BBC for the initial coverage (hey, BBC, make your video embeddable!), BuzzFeed for the home-brew video

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