Best. Podcast. EVER. (*which doesn’t have ‘Nerdist’ in the title)

Last weekend brought the triumphant return of Adam & Joe to the BBC’s 6 Music radio on Saturday mornings. This is wonderful news if, like me, you are a) a human being and b) you enjoy joy.

My spectrum of emotion when listening to Adam & Joe scarcely deviates from pure, unabashed shit-eating-grin happy, even though I only listen to the podcast version of their fine program (it does not include the music segments, which is a bummer… though there is music still involved, which we’ll get to in a moment). I’m sure there’s a hard-core Black Squadron member out there who will say I ought to get up at 2 a.m. Pacific time to listen live, but hey… Nerdist love is surely a suitable replacement for fan-based insomnia!

For those who haven’t a clue, here’s your primer…

Adam & Joe are Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish, who have been making Britain’s pop-culture lovers giggle for over a decade. (Joe has received much internet love recently, having directed the shit out of Attack the Block, which just won the audience prize at SXSW and scored a U.S. distribution deal earlier this week) The Adam & Joe Show ran on Channel Four for five years in the late 90’s/early 00’s, and introduced their fine sense of pop-culture parody, including an array of pre-Robot Chicken Star Wars figure shorts (“Chew Wants to Be a Millionaire?“), and such delightful musical shenanigans as “Bobby DeNiro”:

Having subbed for Ricky Gervais, then had their own show, on Britain’s XFM (a definite highlight of which was Cornish’s detailed breakdown of R. Kelly’s Trapped In the Closet saga), the lads made the jump to the Beeb’s digital music channel in 2007 and have racked up fans (both their core audience at home as well as new listeners abroad) and prizes (2010’s Sony comedy prize, which came just as 6 Music was under threat of closure. The channel’s still going strong, thank goodness.)

Even if it weren’t for the incredibly funny recurring segments and running gags in the show, I’d listen to Dr. Buckles and Cornballs obsessively just to hear them talk about… well, whatever. As longtime friends and partners, their chemistry is so well-honed after all these years that they can extract the comedy in just about anything, and often do. (On the iPod/commute listen, I’m usually waiting for them to get on to the next subject when they go off on a tangent, break each other up and it’s only then I realize I’m laughing so hard I’m drawing stares that are usually reserved for loony street people) And those are just the bantery bits, to say nothing of segments like “Song Wars,” in which the two craft comedy ditties on a specific subject and then listeners vote on their favorites. Classics that resulted from the first two Song Wars collections included Joe’s Quantum of Solace theme tune (“Dame Judi Dench is fuuuuuurious with him! He’s gone completely out to lunch!”) and Adam’s ode to Baz Luhrman’s Australia (“It cost a lot of wonga, and I hope it’s not a fail-ee-aaah!”):

And then, of course, there’s the “STEPHEN!” phenomenon. Long story as short as possible: If you’re a fan of Adam & Joe, and you’re in a crowded place, you shout out “STEPHEN!” in the hopes that another Adam & Joe fan nearby will reply with “Just coming!” It all came about after this segment aired:

Trust me, get to know the show and you’ll find this goddamn hilarious. Also, if enough of you do it, there’s a chance now that waaaay far away from Blighty as I am, I might actually be able to get a “Just coming!” the next time I shout “STEPHEN!” at a concert. (Which I have done. Oh, yes, I have.) Don’t disappoint me, Nerdists!

Get completely addicted to the Adam & Joe 6 Music podcast HERE, or stream the entire show including the music bits HERE. Phantom Squadron and Digiforce, unite! (That’ll make sense later, I promise.)

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