The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Friday

Editor’s Note 7/11/2014: Ya been had!! Happy Friday.

It’s not a good sign when I have to introduce a post with an apology, but I am sorry. This song ruined my weekend, and I guess I didn’t know any other way to cope with the trauma than sharing it with all of you. There really is not much else to say. I think the worst part of the song is a five-way tie between the lyrics, music, video, Rebecca Black, and her friends. I am so so sorry:

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  • Well, you’re pretty much the benevolent leader we’ve all come to deserve through apathetic political behaviours and silly voting … – Wait, what’s the opposite of Benevolent? Ok – You’re pretty much the Hardwick we’ve all come to deserve …

  • Apology NOT accepted. You OWE me for cost of my eye surgeon reattaching the eyeball I gouged out with a pen while listening to the song. Damn you, Grosinger! What did we ever do to you?

  • The worst part about this song is that the producers have a whole stable of children singing horrible songs to exploit & torture us with.

    Flip side – if I have amnesia, and don’t remember that Thursday comes before Friday and Saturday follows it, with Sunday afterwards, well this song exists to help teach me that.

  • Did not a single lyric rhyme? That’s bull-shit! Not even the rap section! And what the hell is with the start of the chorus? Kicking in the back seat? How is that the start of a chorus? And speaking of the rap section, where the bloody hell did that come from? He just comes out of nowhere and is like 10 years older then everyone else, but acts like they’re all going to hang out together. Frakin’ creepy man! And why are we using the word afterwards properly, but not the word are?!!! Gaahhhhh this is baby’s being raped and then killed by AIDS.

  • I don’t get it….this is obviously a song for children. It’s like me going to see a My Little Pony movie then standing up at the end and screaming “BULLSHIT”.

    I am getting sick of the “Let’s hate on music that is obviously not marketed or made for us”

  • Vomit! What a horrible horrible thing to do to a young girl! She may be ok with all this now, but in a year all the other little girls are going to realize she’s shite and she will never live it down. Just Horrible.

  • Wow, I can’t believe I just watched all of that. However, instead of the obvious comments, I’ll just give it props for one thing: using surprisingly average, “real” people for extras instead of made-up “beautiful” people. Side note: I am not convinced anyone in that car is old enough to drive.

  • Wow. Makes me want to dance … in the same motion for 5 minutes straight. head-tilt left, head tilt right, head-tilt left, head tilt right. ahh, havin fun now.

  • Wow, she’s just a kid. It may not be the greatest but as adults there are better things we can be making fun of. Whats next busting into a 3rd grade class and making fun of how crappy their penmanship is?

  • 1 minute 36 seconds was all I could take! Wow! This is what comes from everyone being special! I’m sure she has some wonderful talents, but singing isn’t one of them. And the blue eye shadow! Really?!? Didn’t she learn anything from the mistakes of my generation? NO. Obviously not. She got her 15 seconds, I hope it was worth it!

  • @Mark Warren –
    Sure she’s a kid, but anyone who has had to deal with teenagers knows how horribly pretentious they are. They’re cool and everyone else is not. Most of them want everything handed to them on a platter regardless of their talent. Little kids? Nah. They deserve a break. Teenagers, well, just by the very nature of their brains being all out of wack need to hear the truth. It’s better to do it now and let them rebuild their confidence in something they’re really good at than let them go on with a pipe dream that leaves them without any skills and working low-skilled, low-paying jobs for the rest of their lives. They’re much more resilient than you give them credit for being.

  • If you make it to 2:30 you get to see the gratuidous black guy rap breakdown. HA! I love it! And maybe not sarcastically… No; sarcastically.

    I do feel for the girl, though. Unless this was a gift for her “Super Sweet Sixteen!” from her “daddy”.

    “Partyin’ Partyin’, YEAH! Fun fun fun fun.”

  • I don’t even blame this girl. I get it. Teenagers want to be pop stars. Who I really blame are her (presumably) wealthy parents for shelling out money for studio time and anybody who has ever worked on the development or advancement of autotune technology.

  • And in a surprise “Favorite Game” style twist ending, the driver starts texting at the beginning of the video, crashes and they all die horrible, bloody deaths. Much better video.

  • I want to laugh but i can’t. Its not funny its just so sad and bland. Jennifer Aniston would love it.
    She really must have a perfect life to not have anything to sing about other than her daily routine and what seat to sit it. She has as much flavor is tap water. I need to spread the malaise I’m feeling with the world. I’ve decided to make popsicles out of water and food coloring than hand them out to children. This is what you’ve made me do.

  • This is the only song I believe that a teenage girl actually wrote, not like the others that have theirs “ghost written” by people who can think about things that aren’t going to happen in the immediate future.

    But honestly, who hasn’t struggled with the epic question of “front seat back seat?” Without this pressing question we would not be blessed with the great car seat conquering game of SHOTGUN.

  • I can understand how Rebecca Black, being a teenager, probably thought this was , like, the most awsome thing EVAH! What I can’t understand is how there could be a producer out there who thought this song was so good it warranted a video. Whoever is responsible for afflicting the world with this abomination must be suffering from a full frontal lobotomy.

  • The song is cringe inducing. But what can we expect from the POV of a 13-year-old? That’s about as much ‘fun,fun,fun,fun’ most of them can have at that age.

    And is that song any worse than any other song about Friday? I started my teens after the disco era (Friday! Thank God It’s Friday! Friday!) and there are a lot of bad songs about Friday (and a few unnecessarily means one about Monday, too. “I don’t like Mondays…shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, the whole day down. With Election Day and 9/11 happening on Tuesdays, THAT day deserves a bullet or two.) and the weekend as well.

    What do you expect when you grow up listening to Top 40 channels whose idea of fun is playing ‘Working for the Weekend’ and ‘Bang on De Drum’ at 5pm on a Friday afternoon for the umpteenth time?