Stays Crunchy, Even In Milk

Details from photos by Jason Liebig/Flickr. Go here for his collection

Here’s a link to a gallery from the folks at Urlesque of their “54 Cereals We Loved and Lost,” cereals of the last few decades that are no longer available but have left a lasting impression on our minds, and sugar residue on our teeth.

Jason Liebig/Flickr

The gallery, compiled by Hilary Buckholtz, includes such tie-ins as Donkey Kong Junior cereal, a “Sweetened Artificial Fruit Flavored Cereal” (yum), Transformers cereal (“Transforms ordinary milk into chocolate flavored milk!”), Gremlins cereal (wait, I thought you were never supposed to get it wet), New Kids on the Block cereal (the package shown seems to be a prototype with a marketing plan on the back; I don’t remember if it reached stores), Cabbage Patch Kids cereal (with real cabbage! No, unfortunately, no cabbage), E.T. cereal (yep, peanut butter flavor), PacMan, Mr. T, and many more. I remember actually liking a few — Rice Krispies Treats cereal was great, although it didn’t quite taste like real Rice Krispies Treats. And some – Nintendo Cereal System, for one — were trying WAY too hard.

Go here to peruse the entire gallery and see if you remember choking down any of them before running outside to catch the school bus. Wait, let me guess: Smurfberry Crunch, right?

HT: Urlesque

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