Nerd-Centric Musical Interlude: ‘She Don’t Like Firefly’

This song is… well, the title gives you the general idea. It’s Mikey Mason, “Comedy Rock Star” (at least, that’s what he calls himself on his website), with the Whedon-geek’s stirring lament upon dumping an almost-perfect girlfriend, “She Don’t Like Firefly”:

Well. Is there a show or movie or anything else in pop culture that would be a deal breaker for you, either if he or she didn’t like something you love or DID like something you don’t? Put it in the comments.

HT: Topless Robot, Buzzfeed

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  • Disliking The Prisoner (the original Patrick McGoohan series; hate the remake all you want) is a dealbreaker for me.
    I’d date somebody who hates horror movies (which is a pretty big deal for me) before somebody who hates The Prisoner.

  • Yeah, I love firefly and all but that chick was pretty smokin’ hot so I think I would let it slide that she don’t like firefly. It’s a tough call, though- took a fair amount of thought

  • Five years ago this was very true for me, but I have since realized that the purpose of a relationship is not to educate the other person in what is good.

  • I have a huge soft spot for Clue, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Airplane, and the like. If they don’t appreciate that type of humor…it’s pretty much game over, man.

  • Hatred for Harry Potter would definitely be a deal breaker. There aren’t that many people that hate it, but they’re out there and I don’t want anything to do with them.

  • I don’t think I could be with someone who didn’t like Doctor Who or Star Trek, mostly because I go to a lot of cons, and cosplay and fandom consume huge chunks of my life.

    Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that with my current boyfriend, since I met him during a Doctor Who trivia contest at a convention. He was the 11th Doctor, and I was a Dalek. We won first and second place, and knew it was meant to be.

    (When I found out he also loved Arrested Development and Mr. Show, I did a dance of joy – if anything else would’ve made me question it, those would’ve.)

  • I don’t like firefly. The whole western/space theme was a little awkward in Whedons hands. Dr. Horrible was much better.

    Not liking the beatles would kind of erk me but then I get the challenge of changing her mind.

  • If she watched Glen Beck, that would be quite a deal breaker. Well, I guess that means she would be gullible and highly prone to suggestion. So, first exploit, then break deal.

  • It certainly helps if people share the same interests but as long as your significant other understands why you like something and isn’t negatively judgmental of your harmless hobby or interest then it’s ok not to like some interests. Now if you significant other hates all your interest then reconsider the relationship.

    There is also the type of person that thinks they can change you which is usually no good, cause damn it I’m keeping my toys, comics, manga, anime DVDs and video games.

  • If she didn’t like Breaking Bad or The Wire…luckily my wife digs both. Dealbreakers would be the love of Phish, DMB, Mr. Mayer, The Beatles, Elton John, Jimmy Buffet, and any country music made in the last three decades.

  • If she thought that Hoban “Wash” Washburne’s name was ‘Walsh’. If she didn’t cry at The Parting of Ways or Bad Wolf Bay. If she didn’t love Stargate or if Joss Whedon was /not/ her master. If she didn’t love Firefly, Dollhouse, Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Serenity, or Angel. If she didn’t like ESPOSITO y Castillo. If she didn’t cry at The End of Time, and was happy at The Eleventh Hour. If I said “The Watcher” and she thought of Uatu before Logopolis. If she couldn’t recite the value of Pi up to at least the 35th decimal. If she wouldn’t go gay for Felicia Day or was against me going gay for Chris Hardwick. If she didn’t like Wil Wheaton or couldn’t appreciate how ruggedly handsome Nathan Fillion is. If she wouldn’t sing the accompaniment for my Open Letter to Molly Lewis or drive 400 miles to bring Marian Call a typewriter. If she didn’t know who Don the Dishwasher was, or who shot first. If she liked Sanctuary, or Amanda Tapping with black hair. If she thought that ________ Universe was Stargate or that “Dalektable” was a adjective meaning delicious. If I said that there is only one truth, and she responded with anything but, “The universe is infinite.” If Rocket Man came on the radio and she didn’t sing along. If any current pop culture song came on and she did sing along. If she didn’t like T’Pol or if she thought that Picard was anything but an arrogant tool. If she didn’t play D&D. If she didn’t respect the screen. If she didn’t follow dice rules.

    If she didn’t like me.

  • Great song. :D

    If the guy didn’t like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that’s a deal breaker. It’s kind of for their own good because I reference it a lot lol.

  • That’s funny. My hubby could take or leave Firefly. However, Monty Python is a deal-breaker for me. Poor guy would never fit in my family if he didn’t like it. Luckily, he learned to love it and I married him :)

    True story: when I first told my husband who was then my boyfriend that I loved him, he said “I know.” It shocked and tickled me so much that I laughed. I knew then he was the one for me.

  • If they didn’t like The Wire, or Deadwood, they’d REALLY have to make up for it some-other-how (in BED).
    I actually do screen potential dudes by asking them how they feel about Ayn Rand before they get access to my ladyparts. It’s a great indicator as to if he’s going to turn out to be a suppurating tool, if he thinks she’s great.

  • I’m fine with nerding out by myself. I don’t need a significant other to like the same pop culture-y stuff as me.

    I think I may have been out the door if I didn’t like Planet of the Apes, though.

  • The hubby and I are at this crossroads now; I’ve fallen – hard – for podcasts (the Nerdist, Doug Loves Movies, Comedy Death Ray – in that order) and he just doesn’t get them. Luckily we have a shared love of Buffy and Airplane!-esque movies to help us through it.

  • This nearly happened between my boyfriend and I! He watched the first episode of Firefly on his own and I was so excited to hear his thoughts. Then he started complaining about how he didn’t really like any of the characters other than Mal or Wash yet. When he started really complaining about Zoe, I finally said “Watch a couple more episodes. If you really don’t like it, please don’t tell me because I love these characters so much, I can’t bear to hear you tear them apart.” Luckily, he fell in love with it. Now, time to get him hooked on Doctor Who…

  • My wife loved Firefly, but hated Dr. Horrible. I have come to terms with it by realizing I will never understand the enduring appeal of Pride and Prejudice. I have seen three movie versions of it. I am going to read the book to see if something clicks, but that is only because I love her and leaving now means I have to get all new stuff.

  • Honestly, I don’t care about whether or not they like what I like. I have friends to watch all my sci-fi shows with. What I do care about is whether or not they criticize me for liking/disliking something.