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Naked Therapy?

by on March 9, 2011


Every theory starts with a hypothesis. New York based therapist Sarah White, 24, believes that naked therapy sessions will enable clients to physically break down the walls of their subconscious and facilitate more honesty. Oh, except you don’t get naked. She does.

White conducts her experiments through web cams or in-person sessions. She is not a licensed therapist because no psychological association approves of “sexual” patient-client interaction. White gives the stripper line of “no touching allowed” and claims her current sessions are merely research for her eventual dissertation. But unless SCORES now has a university, I don’t know who will be funding said dissertation.

Most of her clients just happen to be men. Crazy, I know. But the question is, could there actually be any real therapy going on here? The artist/liberal in me wants to believe that having someone open up to another in such a vulnerable way MIGHT entice the kind of comfort and intimacy needed to share deeply personal insights.

But then again, I’m a girl and I don’t need to see a pair of tits to cry to someone about my childhood.

What do you guys think? Is White a nouveau prostitute, or just an out-of-the-box problem solver?

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